History of the Music Festival

San Pancho’s Music Festival began in 2001 by local residents John & Patricia Alexander when they invited 12 musicians to stop by and join their informal jam sessions on their back porch. It was a festive gathering and enjoyed by all.  The following year some of the key players suggesting to John that they gather again, and invite a few others known to have musical talents.  As time passed word spread through the village and others began to participate. By 2006 116 performers were entertaining themselves over the course of 3 days in the Alexander backyard.  In 5 short years the event had evolved into the beginnings of a festival and was firmly rooted into the cultural conscience of San Pancho.  As the general public discovered the event it grew progressively until the festival outgrew the intimate surroundings of the Alexander home. It was time for a new and larger venue.

John and Patricia moved on and turned the organization of the festival over to Craig Schumacher, an internationally acclaimed music producer and professional musician. The festival was moved to the Plaza del Sol. That was 3 years ago.

Today the San Pancho Music Festival has grown to accommodate some of the most colorful musicians and dancers from around the world. There is still very much a local flavor, featuring the traditional music of local musicians. But the music has expanded, attracting international acts from Europe, the U.S., Chile, Guatemala, France and Germany.

The festival maintains a come-one-come-all, everybody-is-welcome persona, while embracing the talents of some top-notch world class musicians. In short, it’s a nice balance of amateurs and professionals getting together for 3 days to share an unforgettable music experience. The philosophy is simple. It’s about sharing.

None of the performers are paid. They come because they want to be here. This year the festival has expanded to include some wonderful, exciting, innovative dance performances.

The San Pancho Music Festival 2010. A vibrant, eclectic expression of performing art. 3 days of international music and dance. February 26, 27, 28. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. From 2 pm to 10 pm each day. The Plaza Del Sol in San Pancho.

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  1. When you get a shedule, please forward to Kim and me, so we can make it available to visitors.

    • Thank you for your interest in this years Music Festival, Chris. The current artist lineup has been posted, so please revisit the website for the most current information. The scheduling hasn’t been completed yet as we are trying to meet the timing needs of each artist. Not an easy task. Kim is on my contact list, rest assured.

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